African Food Festival, UAE aims at bringing the people of Africa in UAE together and let them celebrate the pride of their motherland with their family and friends. AFF opens door to Africans in UAE to feel at home by enjoying the aroma and taste of Native food, shaking legs to the Afro Beats, seeing the colors that reminds them of their motherland. Indulging in Food, music and fashion all at once.


The event focuses on promoting African food, art & culture in the Middle East. Various African missions (Embassies & Consulate) in the UAE supports and endorses AFF every year. These African missions will be having a dedicated country stand at the event.


African Food Festival celebrates Africa’s success with the rest of the world. By using food as the common denominator, AFF brings the taste of Africa to the Middle East.


African Food Festival is a free event, so attendees will pay the park access fees (5aed -$1.36), which is collected by Dubai Park Municipalities. We are not ticketing the event because of wanting maximum participation. The park can accommodate up to 20,000 people. However, we estimate to more than 15,000 people on that date.


Restaurants, Food Vendors and Service providers are small local companies who will be paying a small fee to cover the cost of the Park charges, stage, tents and other security requirements by the government.


The event is organized by 6 Africans with the passion of changing the African narrative, and we are focused on ensuring we actually deliver something truly African and it is all-inclusive of all Africans and also welcomes peoples of other races. We are also using this platform to support small African art & crafts artists.


As AFF’s mission is to celebrate Africa’s success and pride, AFF aims at bringing all the African Embassies and Consulate members in UAE together to be a part of the African Food Festival. In the year 2018, about 10 embassies and consulates were a part of the event. This year, we are expecting it will be more than the last year. AFF is honored and thankful to the missionaries who are joining AFF to celebrate and enjoy the love for Africa through African Food Festival. Going by our goal, Team AFF is working hard to get in touch with all the embassies and consulates in UAE as a way of encouraging people from all African communities to come together to celebrate Africa. The missionaries that have accepted to join AFF, 2019 so far are listed below.


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South African consulate


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Africa United is a community focused on supporting and promoting initiatives to empower and strengthen African unity, its people, food, culture and most importantly, its future leaders. We are not associated with any political party, religion or otherwise. We simply look to a world promoting the advancement of Africa the Motherland.